Monday, July 20, 2015

Poem: The Color of Twilight

This, the color of twilight
Breath caught on desert breeze
Gentle whispers of bird on wing
Heart awakened to Westward longings
Memories of tender imaginings
The words falling from fluttered leaves
Turned anticipatory, wide possibilities
Rivers to cross, roads to be wandered
White fenced, Rosie cheeked, aproned
Mother waiting, gregarious, welcome
Homely comfort in a cuppa tea
After adventures in dark forests and
Fiery valleys, Mysterious Others
Turned enemies or friends --
Speaking open doors and closing
Others; hush now the roiling waters
Of curious, cumbersome youth
Listen, hear the softer whispers
Of gentle twilight, and the mews
Of a kitten, curious, searching
For her bed

Photo & Poem (c) 2 July 2015

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