Monday, July 27, 2015

Senryu: Impermanence

Illusions of life
Passing by, too fleetingly
Catch it by the tail

(c) 25 July 2015

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Poem: The Color of Twilight

This, the color of twilight
Breath caught on desert breeze
Gentle whispers of bird on wing
Heart awakened to Westward longings
Memories of tender imaginings
The words falling from fluttered leaves
Turned anticipatory, wide possibilities
Rivers to cross, roads to be wandered
White fenced, Rosie cheeked, aproned
Mother waiting, gregarious, welcome
Homely comfort in a cuppa tea
After adventures in dark forests and
Fiery valleys, Mysterious Others
Turned enemies or friends --
Speaking open doors and closing
Others; hush now the roiling waters
Of curious, cumbersome youth
Listen, hear the softer whispers
Of gentle twilight, and the mews
Of a kitten, curious, searching
For her bed

Photo & Poem (c) 2 July 2015

Poem: Magellan

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Time travel is impossible, they say,  
Yet the new Giant Magellan Telescope
Is expected to see the advent of
The universe, birth of the baby
Planets, life sparks thrown into space
After a Bang so big it resonates
Into today, lights like fireflies
Floating into nothingness
Great mirrors on a mountain
In Chile, mountain made from
Hardened Memories of molten
Birth, pains relieved with cooling
Breath, air and water, created in time
Now dying, for sparks falling into
Human form become the nemesis
Of great and fearful beginnings
Yet we seek, we search to understand
The very memory we shun, the dark
Chaotic form of before,
Before the bang, before the Forces
We do not know came together,
Mother and Father of us all
Will the Great and Powerful
Reflect their Image, will we
One day see the Unknown
In whose image we have been
Crafted, Fiery Sparks to Earthen Mud?

(c) 7 July 2015

Poem: Greener Grass

When the waters recede,
and the grass is green,
we will lie on our backs
searching the skies
for reminders of places
we've never been, could never go,
not by ship nor car nor train.

Hear the lonesome whistle blow, my friend,
feel the longing that never seems to end,
and sigh.

No point to cry, for happiness
comes momentary,
as in a dream.

(c) 15 July 2015
Inspired by The Grass is Greener, a poem by Chuck Steffen

Poem: Reclamation

Coyote laughs as he wanders into the city.
Ancestral, remembers when it was his, stars in velvet.
Full moon a circle, fast food over the hilltop,
creatureless eyes move ever closer.

Grandmother Spider's webs weave
through westerly waters.
Thirsty ground, drinking too fast,

Pennies drop into hungry slots,
minerals torn from the Mother's breast.
Coyote tilts his head to listen -
London Bridge is falling down.

In the distance, the city
seems to sleep
Sometimes, death is more
like dreaming.

(c) 20 July 2015
Inspired by He Was 65, a work by Fred Mecklenburg

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Prayer Poem: Reflection

Pondering the passage of time
The moments left empty, or forgotten
Considering flights of youthful fancy,
Giving thanks for this day, each day,
A gift of Presence, unexpected, holy
Sweet mystery of life, take me
Unaware, bring me to angels
Show me Your face in the eyes
Of others whose fanciful youth
Led them away; help me give them
Something to eat, something to drink
For they are hungry, thirsty, empty
May my hands be Your hands,
My feet Your feet; my heart Your heart
That it may break, not at my own emptiness,
but at the empty cup
Of my sister, my brother, my friend
Help me to fill it with Your Holy Spirit
To bring refreshment to parched lips
And glorious song to lonely hearts
This I ask You, as I ponder my
Unworthiness and know that in You,
Even I am made worthy to fill Your cup


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Haiku: Reveal

She breathes, wide awake
Unaware that the full moon
Sheds light on her dreams

 Poem (C) 2 June 2015, 3:26 a.m

Photo (c) 27 May 2015
Suzy Jacobson Cherry