Friday, December 23, 2016

Photo & Poem: Full Moon in December

moonrise brings laughter
among the nightfolk
hopes for a better tomorrow
for those who fear the dark

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Poem: Sabbath

Take time for Sabbath
don't allow yourself
to keep going into busy
think, then empty your mind
take time hear the birds
the call of the dove
the dog and the faraway
coyotes' howl
take time for Sabbath
don't allow yourself to
keep going into busy
we are not meant
for constant movement
but to stop.
bring into your mind
moments of Mystery
and silence
take them with you
when you return to busy
when you return to constant movement
remember the call of the
Wild Goose
the train in the distance
the laughter of children
and the silence of the tree
under whose shade
you sought solace
remember that God moment
and come back to it
in the midst of busy

Photo & Poem (c) 9.28.2016 Suzy Jacobson Cherry

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Poem: Monsoon

The desert earth
drinks in the rains
like thirsty winos
gathering in pools
under bridges,

(c) 8.9.16

Photo courtesy CBS5-KPHO Television, Phoenix, Arizona
Taken 8.9.2016, shared at

Poem: Juxtaposition of Inequity

The following poem was inspired by this post on Facebook. These are true news stories:

Facebook Post (Name Removed for Privacy)
July 30 at 1:58pm ·
There are two news stories in my timeline right now. They go like this:
Louisville, KY: a black woman is brought to trial without pants on because the jail refused to provide her any
Los Vegas, NV: Judge rules that a neo-nazi can have a professional make-up artist cover his tattoos to prevent them from "influencing the jury"
Ain't that America?

Juxtaposition of Inequity

Ridiculous vignettes
Of American "justice"
Painted macabre
No institutional racism?
That dark joke elicits
No laughter; only
A disproportionate angst
I, white woman, middle-aged
Rock and roll poet, lowly
Wanna be prophet, I
Can do nothing, only
Speak. Write. Pray.
Call out injustice.
Can there not be found
A pair of pants?
Can there not be found
Human dignity?
Hate may be hidden,
But coal in the heart will
Consume. One day
Justice will prevail, but
Not without the voices
Of those who cannot speak
Not without words, heard
By those who mete out
Inequity upon a population
Meant for love and glory

(c) 2 August 2016

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Poem: economies crumble

economies crumble
governments topple
wars break out
pompous politicians
reveal their
but in the dark of night
the cat at my feet
enjoys his bath

photo &  poem 24 June 2016

Poem: Poetry of Night

the poetry of night calls, unbidden
disappears before dawn;
the usual
only one meets

yet only after
of desire

Photo & Poem (c) 7.5.2016