Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Poem: This Ancient Stone

This crystal quartz wrapped in copper revealed itself to me
during the summer of 1987 at Venice Beach, CA

This ancient stone
Once called my name – I heard it
In the way my hand hovering
Over felt the gentle warmth:
I’m yours, choose me, it cried
A message of pure light to
My yearning spirit, gathered
From fields of quartz, rainbows
Of crystal hidden in the southern
Hills, gathered up by
Rainbow Children, worked with
Copper, silver, leather, wrapped
Into pendulum, necklace, this
My ancient piece of Earth,
My gift, my radio of pure white
Energy, this, my ancient stone
Mine.  Hers.  Gaia. God.
Mother Earth; Mother of All
This little piece of Her Light
Pure rainbow
Pure Light
Pure Love

(c) 24 February 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Poem: Native Beauty

Emblazoned wood, deep natural life
This beauty called forth, speaking
Native tongues, Truth, the trees insist
On Truth as only the Ancient Peoples
Speak it; remember us!
The hewn wood cries, remember us!
The Native beauty speaks, no tear falling
From her winsome eye; the land raped,
The People quelled, but in her red-blood
Heart, hope resides
Empowered, poet, prophet
A smile is her answer to the questions
Will Truth survive?  Will Love abide?
Indeed, there is no other way
Sigh not, strong woman in the wood
You are not alone, nor are the trees
The Truth cannot be burned away
Though shadows cast upon their
Inner selves may seem to tell
A different tale.

© 9 February 2015
Suzy Jacobson Cherry

Poet Elaine Gee Shadowed Upon the Wood
(Used with Permission)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Poem: Call of Salt and Sea

The night ripe for wild dances beneath the moon
Still in her glorious fullness
Under sky, bright velvet thick and warm and heady
Dance for hope, expectant power
Holy incantations, poetry and purpose
There was no beginning;

There shall be no end, the girl within
Born of salt and sea and winds whipping through trees
Declared paradox, contradiction, true Pisces, she
Dancing gypsy soul, calling forth her rightful gifts
Swirling spiral dervish; she of no age, no limitations.

(c) 7 Feb 2015 Suzy Jacobson Cherry


Friday, January 23, 2015

Night Winds

It's a pretty heavy
cold wind whipping
around the house
trees bending
leaves tossed about
bringing the songs
of unknown ghosts and
misremembered dreams
from the edges of awareness.
What new destinations
await my traveling soul?

(c) January 22, 2015

Photo from; http://www.theguardian.com/stage/2009/oct/24/theatre-previews-the-guide

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Straddling Time

This memory.
Old pantry shelves, stacked with cans,
Boxes of crackers, graham and saltine
Clean pitcher, upside down
Cups and saucers

Bright red and white checkered
Tablecloths, folded neatly
Breathe in the old, and
Recall the past
Grandma and Grandpa's restaurant
Green bottle of 7Up on
The table before me
Grandma's homemade doughnuts,
Plain, crunchy, soft inside
Melt in my mouth, warm
Candy under glass:
Charleston Chew, Baby Ruth,
Chuckles, Bottle Caps
Necco Wafers
Pots and pans and kitchen
Smells, walking through
To the door down
Landing before steps
This is what the old pantry
Brings back; not unpleasant
Smell of old, of wooden shelves
And stairs, and the dark
Unknown of yesterdays lives
Old buildings, old memories,
Old family ties, recalled
When just for a moment, the
Veil between now and then
Shimmers, and I straddle
The boundaries of time

(c) 25 November 2014
by Suzy Jacobson Cherry

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Poem: Autumn Love Song

Listen to the winds, as
They blow in, laughing
Calling to the hearts
Of wandering spirits
Listen!  Whose Voice
Sings in the wind?
To whom does it call?

What secrets shared
In the song of morning breeze?
Sun warms the face of
Listener, bright rising
Day, followed by cool
Melody of whispering

Smile! this Autumn
Love song, ballad of hope
A long awaited promise
Listen!  The Singer on the wind
In tune with Om of Creation!
The Rhythmic Key to a
Heart locked against
Dangers of honest Love

Butterfly landing
Upon the lotus, awakes
The sleeping dreamer

The Song of hope
blows in, and the Listener,
Becoming One, knows
The Voice, embraces the wind
Opening mind

The Voice, the Listener,
The Butterfly
All dance upon the wind
The Song of Love

(c) 27 August 2014
Suzy Jacobson Cherry

Monday, August 4, 2014

Poem: August


One hundred degrees
And humid
Oppression, heavy
Shoulders slumped with
Summer’s weight
There is no diversion,
No distraction from the 
Sting of flies stopping for
A drink from human arm
Drenched, the itch of
Dripping perspiration
Imagine wading
Through tepid algae waters
Everglade grasses wisp
Across ankles, invisible,
Reminiscent of spiders kissing
Bare skin, clothing undesirable
While simmering, sweltering
In this desert sun, dream
Of surf-sprayed sands,
Fruited libation a silent companion
A book, a story, a love imagined
Breeze blows, wisps of hair,
Convection oven hot
Reverie broken, hope builds
Only in mountainous clouds,
Dust wall approaching,
Lightning flashing in the distant sky

© 4 August, 2014