Friday, May 20, 2016

Poem: False Love

I do not understand
This love affair with death
When young, we kiss the snake,
Survivors come away
Muscles strong from the struggle
Some elude the coils altogether
Some grasp the tail, whipped
Against hard ground until
One day, eyes open
They find themselves
Thrown onto desert sands, death
Slipped away, leaving
A slender trail behind
Others, caught in her coils
Succumb while young, lost souls
No chance at Life

The trail she leaves is a reminder
Of her kiss; intrigued
Some turn back, following ethereal
Memory, they seek her embrace
Before their time
They find her wonderful, in guises
Both beautiful and terrible
They cannot turn away

Older now, I see her ploy
To lure us away before our time,
Deny our right to Glorious Life
I do not understand
This love affair with death,
For she is not real, this impostor
Begging garlands placed before her,
Gifts of lives gathered from the
Blossoms of their souls

True Death looks upon us from afar
Lovingly awaiting our embrace
She knows Her day
She wants us whole, snakebites
Healed by time and Love for one another
Our souls decked out in Happiness and
The trail to the false one’s lair
A memory best forgotten

© 20 May 2016

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