Monday, July 20, 2015

Poem: Magellan

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Time travel is impossible, they say,  
Yet the new Giant Magellan Telescope
Is expected to see the advent of
The universe, birth of the baby
Planets, life sparks thrown into space
After a Bang so big it resonates
Into today, lights like fireflies
Floating into nothingness
Great mirrors on a mountain
In Chile, mountain made from
Hardened Memories of molten
Birth, pains relieved with cooling
Breath, air and water, created in time
Now dying, for sparks falling into
Human form become the nemesis
Of great and fearful beginnings
Yet we seek, we search to understand
The very memory we shun, the dark
Chaotic form of before,
Before the bang, before the Forces
We do not know came together,
Mother and Father of us all
Will the Great and Powerful
Reflect their Image, will we
One day see the Unknown
In whose image we have been
Crafted, Fiery Sparks to Earthen Mud?

(c) 7 July 2015

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