Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2016 National Poetry Month Poem Twenty Five of Thirty: Reverie

Grapes twine and roses hum
Bees dropping in from mesquite
Tops of trees sing glorious
Distant rhythms beat patterns
Like cat on roof, dog thundering
From yard to food and back again
Hear the crickets chirp warning
Sun will set before hope runs out
Small things disappoint, greater
These wisdom words from Nature's
Meditation, longer the memory
Of unexpected pleasures than
The dream of selfish, unrequited heart
Trail fingers through dust and mud
Write magical symbols of invocation
Demand the nether world provide
What this world has not, if you only
Knew what it was you once desired
Sun rises warm over Eastern mountains
Hummingbird greets you in the
Rainbow splash of watering hose
And you, forever expectant, find
Yourself in reverie again

(c) 4.25.16

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