Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Poem: Old Mother

Recalling moons, adrenaline,
Solitary wine and stories
Penned in prose and poem
Internal chat...chant
Stretch and stand and dance
The milky Aradian veil
Illuminating sheer passion
Perpetual desire and eternal
Dreams Unfettered
Unexpected, underestimated
Tiptoe through life, or charge like
Proverbial China shop cattle
Retrospective, motherhood
May have been better served
By more of dance and chant
More of moons and mystery
And less of whatever the world
Places, unrelenting, upon the
Shoulders of motherhood,
The backs of the women
Destined to be remembered
Faulty, guilty, forgetful
Motherhood may have been
Better served another glass
Of cheap wine and the pleasure
Of a cherry cheroot under
The full moon, naked

© 22 March 2016

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