Monday, November 16, 2015

Poem: New Clothes

He walks into the room
Stops, eyeing my outfit
“I’ve never expected to see you
In anything like that,” he says
“That’s the point,” I laugh
“I took a risk”
As I walk across the parking lot,
A homeless woman
Leaning against the wall calls out
“Ma’am, ma’am! You look
Fabulous today!”
She’s here, most every week
For breakfast, a shower, a new set of clothes
She notices I look different, somehow new
Later, a coworker says to me, unasked
“You took a risk and it worked!
Good job.”
At my desk, I feel different
Watching the homeless woman
Bounce away in new sneakers, smiling
Buttoning the jacket she did not have
When she arrived

©16 November 2015

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