Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Poem: Ides of September

September Sky Over Mesa, Arizona
Look closely on the right - there is a rainbow!

 Undulating breezes tug at the
Skirts of the Sky Queen
Dressed in blue velvet laced
With wisps, clouds of gossamer
Dancing in the currents of Autumn
Never thirsting, for she possesses the
Pure Water of Life, Great River of Being
Her Brother, Mother, Father … Self
Holiness rains rich rhythms
Falling mists upon upturned faces
Of moss-grown pebbles;
Now rushing Waters, wild bubbling rapids
Tumble stones to gems to shining
Faces turned toward one another
Sky Queen, taking note,
Blankets her Earth-bound
Children in colorful drops of Light
Her very essence; Awakened,
They join her in the dance, inviting
The pure, bright Presence
Of new fallen snow

© 15 September 2015

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