Monday, August 31, 2015

Poem: Petrified

Moon Over Mesa, Pre-Dawn August 31, 2015
After the Rain

Lying in bed, lullaby of thunder;
The charge of lightning
Flashing brightly through
The desert skies, illuminating
Wise and foolish folk alike
There is no shame in dreaming
Of starlight passions, moonbeams
Hidden shyly behind these
Rain laden clouds --
Were I to stand outside
With arms outstretched
Head thrown back and hair
Dancing entangled in these
Wild winds, could I capture
The Power of those rolling
Rivers of mystic song?
With feet firmly planted
On arid ground, the thirst
Consumes, and I consider
Cupping hands to catch
The Waters of heaven, Living
Promises of lush and verdant
Eternity; no more yearning
For something just beyond reach
Some wild and wondrous thing
Unknown, not quite missed
But never fully forgotten, this
Thirst, some human thing
Will it, like these desert sands
Be left, barely touched,
Dry and parched or
Will it be washed away
In torrents, flash floods of
Aging appetites, leaving only
Memories of once verdant
Forests; ancient dead and
Petrified, beautiful desires

(c) 30 August 2015

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