Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Prayer Poem: Reflection

Pondering the passage of time
The moments left empty, or forgotten
Considering flights of youthful fancy,
Giving thanks for this day, each day,
A gift of Presence, unexpected, holy
Sweet mystery of life, take me
Unaware, bring me to angels
Show me Your face in the eyes
Of others whose fanciful youth
Led them away; help me give them
Something to eat, something to drink
For they are hungry, thirsty, empty
May my hands be Your hands,
My feet Your feet; my heart Your heart
That it may break, not at my own emptiness,
but at the empty cup
Of my sister, my brother, my friend
Help me to fill it with Your Holy Spirit
To bring refreshment to parched lips
And glorious song to lonely hearts
This I ask You, as I ponder my
Unworthiness and know that in You,
Even I am made worthy to fill Your cup


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