Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Poem: Tea out of Season

Unexpected winds blow
Cold around the corners,
Rattling windows answer
Questions barked by
Neighbor dogs, confused
Coyotes howl empathetic, this
Night must bring disaster -
Though it brings no rain

I feel a chill upon my shoulders,
Awakening desire for warm
Tea out of season, and
Feet are ice cold to the bone
Pulling blankets to my chin,
I listen quietly to the sounds
Of Nature's Power as it whips
About my home, and smile,
For at my feet lay proof
That though the world be
All in tatters, with the love
And care of two little dogs
Nothing can bring me down
And indeed, all will be well
Yes, all will be well, and my
World will still be standing
When the night has passed

(c) 8 May 2015

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