Friday, April 10, 2015

Poem: Eight of 30 - NaPoWriMo

Hail the Folk in the Summerland
You've gained a fine man now
We raise the horn to bless his name
In memory we bow
For he is now with his great love
Our honored sister/friend
With open arms she must have stood
With a love that could not end
Together now are our dear friends
Though our earthly hearts are broken
We raise the horn in memory
As loving words are spoken
Bronwynn​ sister, Dan​ our brother
Teachers, guiding lights
Your names shall dance upon our tongues
On star filled full moon nights
Hail the Folk in the Summerland
And Hail the Folk right here
We join in saddened reverie
For those we hold so dear

(c) 8 April 2015

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