Friday, April 10, 2015

Poem: Easter - Five of 30 - NaPoWriMo


This day a new resurrection
Walking the road with new eyes
Strangers beside become friends, and
Old friends begin to understand
Listening to words they've heard before
They hear a new message, one you've spoken
To them again and again, yet they
Could not understand until they saw you
Unfettered by the boundaries of humanity
Speaking to them after the grave, telling
Them that they too could do this thing
If they but heard your message, understood
Lived in love and trust even unto death
The bread of his teachings,
The blood of his community,
The hope of a new morning sunrise
Here it is:  awaken to love, to give, to care,
To heal, to touch the untouchable
Live each day looking for a chance to
Be like him, and after the death of sleep
Wake up and do it again

(c) 5 April 2015

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