Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Poem: Demon - Twenty-Five of 30 #NaPoWriMo

Devils, they say, do not appear
In their own guise, but as innocence,
Beauty, or cuteness ready for cuddles

Small boys named Damien, clowns
With balloons, or puppies revealed
Only by a certain gleam in their eyes
Do not trust the pitiful whimpers of
Such bundles of fur, these tiny
Tremulous Tribbles, these terrifying
Terriers; be not led astray by the
Tales of tails wagging, and the
D.O.G. being G.O.D.
It's a trick, a flimflam, a con
Beware! Watch out for the shedding
Of hair and the beggins for pettins
And devils daring you to walk away
Without watching them dance
On tiny paws for bacon
It's easy to be taken in

Poem & Photo (c) 25 April 2015

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