Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Poem: This Ancient Stone

This crystal quartz wrapped in copper revealed itself to me
during the summer of 1987 at Venice Beach, CA

This ancient stone
Once called my name – I heard it
In the way my hand hovering
Over felt the gentle warmth:
I’m yours, choose me, it cried
A message of pure light to
My yearning spirit, gathered
From fields of quartz, rainbows
Of crystal hidden in the southern
Hills, gathered up by
Rainbow Children, worked with
Copper, silver, leather, wrapped
Into pendulum, necklace, this
My ancient piece of Earth,
My gift, my radio of pure white
Energy, this, my ancient stone
Mine.  Hers.  Gaia. God.
Mother Earth; Mother of All
This little piece of Her Light
Pure rainbow
Pure Light
Pure Love

(c) 24 February 2015

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