Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Poem: Autumn Love Song

Listen to the winds, as
They blow in, laughing
Calling to the hearts
Of wandering spirits
Listen!  Whose Voice
Sings in the wind?
To whom does it call?

What secrets shared
In the song of morning breeze?
Sun warms the face of
Listener, bright rising
Day, followed by cool
Melody of whispering

Smile! this Autumn
Love song, ballad of hope
A long awaited promise
Listen!  The Singer on the wind
In tune with Om of Creation!
The Rhythmic Key to a
Heart locked against
Dangers of honest Love

Butterfly landing
Upon the lotus, awakes
The sleeping dreamer

The Song of hope
blows in, and the Listener,
Becoming One, knows
The Voice, embraces the wind
Opening mind

The Voice, the Listener,
The Butterfly
All dance upon the wind
The Song of Love

(c) 27 August 2014
Suzy Jacobson Cherry

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