Monday, August 4, 2014

Poem: August


One hundred degrees
And humid
Oppression, heavy
Shoulders slumped with
Summer’s weight
There is no diversion,
No distraction from the 
Sting of flies stopping for
A drink from human arm
Drenched, the itch of
Dripping perspiration
Imagine wading
Through tepid algae waters
Everglade grasses wisp
Across ankles, invisible,
Reminiscent of spiders kissing
Bare skin, clothing undesirable
While simmering, sweltering
In this desert sun, dream
Of surf-sprayed sands,
Fruited libation a silent companion
A book, a story, a love imagined
Breeze blows, wisps of hair,
Convection oven hot
Reverie broken, hope builds
Only in mountainous clouds,
Dust wall approaching,
Lightning flashing in the distant sky

© 4 August, 2014

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