Friday, February 22, 2013

Poem: sea otter

"methinks you are more
comfortable with
one toe in a boundary"
she said...

as we discussed my
recent slip into selfish
indignation, my
declaration of independence
belied by my fears
of non-acceptance

my toes will only
point one direction
at a time! i cried

i dip them in this
water, then that...
full immersion feels
like drowning...

Yet, it is all one
vast and living ocean
all waters come to
play in the bay
with the sea otters
for awhile

footprints in the sand
are washed away
with the waves of
eternal ebb and flow

sea otter, i shall slip
into the waters with 
the others, holding hands
that we might not
drift apart

(c) 22 February 2013

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