Thursday, August 18, 2011

18 August 2011 - Maitri Upanishad 4.2

Like the waves in great rivers, there is no turning back of that which has previously been done.... [The soul is] like a lame man--bound with the fetters made of the fruit of good and evil.

Bottom Dweller

At the bottom
I lay, prone; sinking
Softly into the cool,
Wet sand
Eyes closed, I feel
The lives passing over
Me; the anguish of
Regret, the cold
Eddy of fear; I
Taste the salty
Tears of the lonely
And I know I am
The lonely, the sinful,
Caught in a whirlpool
Of my own evil,
I pray for release
Into the River’s current
I do not believe I am
Bound to my past
I do not believe
I cannot break free
I close my eyes, and
With a sigh, I
Let go of fear,
Let go of anger,
Let go of regret
Looking back, I see
The place in the sand -
Human-shape washing
Swiftly away…
No longer lame,
My soul is a dance
Upon the rapids
I am free.

© 18 August 2011

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